If Web Development is an Art, we are the Pablo Picasso

In this age, how well you present yourself online matters the most. Consumers, before buying your product or service, do their research. This is where web development comes in handy and the need to find web development company Vancouver becomes inevitable.

Web design and development Vancouver is one of the most sought-after services. Finding the most professional and expert web development company Vancouver can be a tough task because of the fact that a lot of people have started doing that lately without getting themselves well-versed with the latest techniques and the prevailing trends. However, Digital Cauldron is different. Our approach is different, our style is different, and our end product is different as well.

Lead Generation

Being Unique is Our Forte

In the world of web development, only a few websites survive while others are left to die their natural death. There are literally millions of websites on the world wide web but only a few stand out. Most of the people think that web design and development Vancouver is an easy task that can be managed by anyone. However, in reality, it is one of the most technical things to do and requires expertise in multiple development languages. Web development comprises of extensive coding that can only be handled by those who are expert in it.

While most of the web developers just replicate what has been done by others previously, Digital Cauldron takes pride in doing something out of the box. Each business is different and deserve a different website. Our web development company Vancouver takes into account all the UI and UX aspect as well as identifying the best structure of the website.

Devising Strategy that Works – Web Development Company Vancouver at Its Best

What makes us the best web development company Vancouver is our work approach! Our work procedure is very simple! We start with planning and strategy building. This phase combines understanding our clients’ basic requirements along with the industry standards and what works best for the specific business.

During this phase, we analyze the audience and your primary goals for the site to determine the most appropriate information architecture and navigation patterns. These recommendations will determine how the experience will spread across the website and interact with your users. Moreover, this navigation will also help the users to explore the entire website.

We will evaluate performance needs and concerns for the site and take steps to define how we will address these in later phases. Lastly, we will define what applications and third-party software best fit the objectives of the project.

Web Design that Stands Out

This is one of the most interesting stages of our web development process. During this stage, we begin to develop wireframes. Wireframes are rough designs of how the website will look like. These wireframes are a quick way to illustrate the design structure and flow to get a general idea of what the website will look like in terms of functionality and user behavior. This is what makes us a unique web design and development company Vancouver. We organize all the website parts before the design phase and soon after we start working on the architecture of the CMS.

Development Compliments the Design

Our robust web design is followed by the development. Here our web development company Vancouver sets the best developers at work. The sole focus in this step is to build each template along with the components that constitute the website. In other words, in this phase, the wireframes are brought to life. During this phase, you will also be able to see and test the site in your desktop browser and on other devices. This phase is an excellent time to consider accessibility and usability testing.

Continuing to progressively enhance the components in the development phase, we’ll apply a layer of JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX to craft an effective and enjoyable interaction where appropriate. If you want a website with other languages such as Laravel, Python, and more – we can offer that as well. Our web developers are stars of this domain and know how to turn their ideas into different codes to help your business grow at a rapid pace.

Testing for Bugs & Functionalities

Before the website is ready for launch, our quality assurance department goes through each and every page and functionality. The team performs an extensive beta testing from multiple browsers and devices. As you know that more than 60% web traffic is mobile based, our team also takes into account this factor and makes sure to test the website from multiple mobile devices. The testing involves all elements and items on the website. We have a list of all those and after check marking all of them, our quality assurance gives a nod to make the website live for the users.

Launching the Website into the Stratosphere

Once the testing is done, our web developers place the website files on the server, create the required databases, and ensure that everything is running smoothly. As soon as everything is running smoothly, we will share the backend login details with you so you can access the website’s dashboard and start playing around with the live website.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We are not that that delivers a website only. Our web design and development company Vancouver makes sure to provide after services as well including website maintenance and relevant upgrades. Every website needs maintenance and periodic upgrades to function smoothly. There are some changes that may be required from the clients and those who have developed the website, know how and where to make such changes.

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