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I don’t need to tell you that ‘content is the king’ (I know that you are tired of hearing that all the time), but it is what it is. A lot of us often find ourselves stuck in the generic content ideas limbo just for the sake of stuffing keywords. Even worse, some of us are so exhausted of coming up with the content ideas that we can’t even think about the generic ones at times.

So, is there a genie in the bottle that can give us a couple of ideas to break the ice? Lucky for you, there are many virtual genies doing just that for you.

There is a plugin/tool for every SEO-related query. Likewise, you can find multiple content ideas generating tools online. All you have to do is to decide what you want to write on and the tools will give you a handful of ideas of what direction to follow.

Amazing, right?

Some tools are free while some start charging after a free trial. Both types are extremely helpful when it comes to content ideas.

Here are a few of them that we have used so far:


Whether it is the website audit, keyword analysis or content ideas, Ubersuggest is our go-to tool for literally everything. This dope tool offers a separate section for content ideas.


It is slightly different than other content ideas generating tools. You are supposed to put in a keyword or the main word for your content for that matter. The tool will fetch a list of content already published with the slightest insinuation to the topic.

This gives you a lot of lines to think on. If you are in for the skyscraper technique (modifying an already published content), this tool can give you a headstart.


If the content analysis is only second to content ideas for you then BuzzSumo is your tool. This exceptional tool works the same way as Ubersuggest for content ideas. On entering the keyword, a list of relevant top-rated content (for that particular keyword) would appear.

buzzsumo content analyzer

From the list decide what type seals the deal for you. You can also first analyze the performance of that particular keyword or type of content in the SERP by tapping on the analysis part.

The tool also gives you a brief summary of the overall engagement of the content. You can view the social shares as well as the backlinks of the content (Ubersuggest has this feature too) and then decide how do you want to go about it.

Google Trends

The brainchild of the master itself, Google Trends is one of the most updated tools of its kind. On its homepage, you will find the latest trending topics or the most searched ones. Its algorithm keeps on updating so you don’t have to worry about the relevance of the content.

google trends

Not many people know that Google Trends can be used for getting content ideas. Enter your search term and it will produce a list of relevant content for you. You can also search for topics related to your word with its ‘Related topics’ feature.

Like other tools, you can also change the country for region-based results. If you are only targeting a local market and getting known in the global community is not your goal, this filter can work wonders for you, giving you just the information you need.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

One of the most common content ideas generating tools, HubSpot can be rightly called the handy resource for bloggers. The tool is very easy to use and offers a limited number of free ideas as well.

hubspot blog topic generator

You can view up to 5 content ideas for each of the topics you enter. We would suggest you use its paid version as the same titles appear for every other topic that you enter. Also, the free ones are not that helpful either.

The paid version not only has better suggestions but it also helps in preparing the skeleton for the weekly content related to the topic.

Portent’s Idea Generator Tool

If chalkboard word chain is your style then Portent’s Idea Generator can do the job for you. Borrowed from a typical chalkboard brainstorming concept, the tool generates ideas in the respective layout.

portent content idea generator

You can tap on the refresh button if you want more suggestions. This one is different from the aforementioned ones because of its tad bit of wit in a few of its suggestions. This kind of titles works really well when you are trying to break the monotony of the content.

All you need to do is phrase the suggestions a little are you are good to go. The tool also offers a few resources for preparing a content plan. The resources can be your knight in the shining armor if you are working on Sundays (because no one is productive on Sundays).

Final Word

Content generating tools make sure that you are never out of ideas when you want to write. Instead of surfing the internet aimlessly for content ideas, use one of these tools instead and let them be your savior.

Tag all your writer friends who are always whining about the creativity deadlock for bloggers and do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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