How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Without Paying A Penny

Instagram is no more just a social platform; it is an online business channel with one of the biggest outreach in social apps community. Whether it is about just uploading aesthetic pictures or strictly marketing, the game has always been about getting maximum likes and engagement.

With more than a billion active users on a monthly basis, there is a lot of competition be it any business field using the platform. Along with mainstream brands turning to Instagram, there has been a swamp of influencers earning through the social app. These influencers and online businesses are also spending sums to increase their outreach. But not everyone wants or can afford to spend on their posts especially when the motive is to gain attention and not earn from it. With competition as fierce as of today’s, it has become difficult to keep a consistent engagement on Instagram.

If your post engagements are not as happening as they used to be then follow through our tips and tricks to increase engagements on Instagram.

Here are a few of them that are bound to seal the deal for you:

Go live occasionally

Sounds too much work? Well, the effort is worth it. The pattern of the app updates suggests that the app has shifted its priority to videos. Videos catch more eyeballs and are more interactive as well. Moreover, videos seem more personal hence improve your bond with your followers. So, even if you are not a ‘video person give it a shot and see the results yourself. The app is also pushing more engagement on video-based content. More about it here.

Use Instagram’s new story features

Last year Instagram released a number of interesting story features that gained a lot of popularity among the users. Quizzes, emoji meter, and poles, etc. are meant to increase engagement on your stories. If you post stories frequently and use one of these features with it every now and then, you will see a rapid increase in overall engagement on your posts.

Don’t blatantly market on your posts

One of the hard and fast rules of seeming natural and novel at the same time on the app is to post like a normal person. Do not glorify or over-praise a particular product or thing in your post (even if it is for the marketing purpose). You want to sound authentic and that is what is going to get more engagement rather than outright marketing.

Post daily

People get fed up by profiles that post daily. There is an art to posting daily on Instagram without seeming redundant or boring one’s audience. Bring variance in your daily posts. Post a story on one day and upload a post on another. Leave an interesting post as your story and come up with creative content. Posting too many selfies and scenic photos might backfire if done just for the sake of posting daily. So act smart and think your posts through.

Engagement with other profiles

One of the most popular tactics used by the majority of the people on Instagram is to engage with others so that you can expect them to engage on your posts in return. And that still works. If people have stopped commenting on your photos, start commenting on theirs and you’ll see a boost in your engagement on Instagram.

Post Insta-quality photos

Since the beginning, Instagram has always been about quality photos and there’s no shying away from it. A blurry or grainy photo is bound to lose out on engagements. Posting quality photos is always the key to gaining more likes and engagement.

Post when most of your followers are online

If you post at some time in the night when no one’s online, do you think your post will perform as well as the ones posted when most of the people were online? Of course, not.

Timings matter a lot in terms of engagement on the posts. Every app has a prime time when the majority of the users are online. The app’s prime time does not necessarily mean that it is the time when the majority of your followers will be online. You will learn from experience. Keep an eye on when most of your followers are online and then post.

Final Word

All in all, increasing engagement on Instagram posts is easy and comes without spending a buck if you take the job seriously. Give the aforementioned tips a shot and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!