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App Development and design is a complete thought process involving all the minor and major details according to the business which includes conceptualizing, UI/UX, Color scheming, Aesthetics, and visual outcome of the project.

With our app development services, we build apps that don't just work on multiple devices but also boost business performance. This increases your productivity and ROI. We work with highly skilled mobile developers, who are adept at implementing exhaustive features for mobile app development. Our team of developers can effortlessly port your existing apps to the latest platforms, thereby delivering top-notch mobile applications in a timely manner.

We work on scaling up your business through our specialized team which has enabled us to achieve the title of providing the most effective app development in Vancouver.


Custom App Development

Chances are, this is what brought you here. As one of the best app developers in Canada, if you can dream it, we can build it.

The Digital Cauldron is your technical partner for innovative and custom software applications that will enable you to improve the way you do business. From mobile applications to enterprise level desktop software and interactive websites, our team has the skills to bring your vision to life.

Wondering how long it would take to build your app, or how much it might cost? Let’s talk and get to work on building your business.

Our Expertise

Native Mobile App Development

They are developed using native frameworks and development tools provided by Apple and Google. Native apps have direct access to iOS or Android authorized APIs and hardware features. They offer the best possible user experience within their platforms. Native apps deliver the highest quality and consistency of data within their platforms.

React Native Mobile App Development

React Native is a cross-platform framework developed by Facebook. Mainstream apps such as Instagram and Uber are developed using React Native. In this framework, we put together native elements of mobile apps using javascript programing language. The end-results, however, are native apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

These apps are created using a combination of native and web development tools. In many business scenarios, hybrid apps provide better value for enterprise customers because they deliver near identical user experience to native apps. There are, however, limitations in hybrid apps regarding complete access to hardware and operating system features. Based on your project’s level of complexity, we will help you choose the right technology for your mobile needs.

HTML5 Mobile Apps

Developed using tools that we usually employ for building dynamic websites, HTML5 apps can operate on both iOS and Android devices. For this reason, we recognize them as cross-platform applications. Some even have limited access to hardware features such as camera, compass, accelerometer. HTML5 apps don’t equate the user experience quality that native apps provide, however, their cross-platform nature makes them a cost-efficient alternative. That is particularly true for less complex business scenarios and apps that are less reliant on hardware features.