Consumer Psychology In Digital Marketing

Consumer Psychology In Digital Marketing

As we navigate through the pandemic, we see thousands of businesses going online every day and a thousand more are taking the digital route as you read this. Therefore, you need a secret weapon to cut through the competition in this digital age. The only weapon that can be used is consumer psychology to make it big in digital marketing. Consumer psychology is using human psychology and cognitive behaviors to attract more consumers and convert them into buyers. And this is the ultimate weapon that even Amazon and Ikea have used for their recent success.

Invite them into a culture

With the fear of missing out becoming stronger than ever, businesses are moving towards creating a culture that people can’t afford to miss out on. The idea is to inspire and motivate them to become part of it. Take Apple’s case as an example. Apple no longer focuses on product specifications. Instead, it focuses on the stories of the people using Apple products. Consumer psychology thrives on the idea of shared beliefs which Apple is using to bring more consumers to becoming a part of its culture.

Use this strategy by adopting a friendly tone in your content. Share your culture as frequently as possible to show consumers what they’re missing out.

Give them social proof

The digital age thrives on social acceptance and validation. This is the reason why influencer marketing is at its rise. By 2022, it will become a $15 billion market. This means that people are more likely to buy a product or service if they see an influencer endorsing it. So, redirect your course of marketing by engaging relevant influencers of your industry. Encourage them to share your content in their spaces so it can reach a wider audience.

Another way of creating social proof is by adding valuable testimonials and reviews of your customers and clients. Studies show that reviews impact 93% of the consumer’s decision-making process.

Present them with the dilemma of choice

The consumer base has a vast sea to choose from and this is where the dilemma comes in. More often than not, they’re confused. This is why OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are making it big in the business. They offer limited choices and create an urgency to attract consumers. Phrases like one offer left or exclusive discount for a limited time is the hook for customers.

To make this your effective technique, use clear CTAs (Call to actions). The presence of CTAs makes it easier for consumers to purchase a service without any hassle. More importantly, play with human anxiety to hook them into buying an exclusive product.

Play around curiosity

Curiosity kills the cat. You must have heard this phrase before. This is especially true when it comes to hooking people with your content. Sensational, mysterious and attention-grabbing headliners can attract more readers to your blog. Take Neil Patel’s example. His blog topics evoke curiosity among the readers.

Adopt a similar strategy in your design as well. Play with the curious nature of consumers and you will notice a positive impact happening.

Be committed and consistent

If you think you’re doing everything right and are still missing out on reach, then think again. The most common mistake marketers make is invest one time and then forget about it. Once you’ve hooked the consumer, keep them hooked. Be committed and consistent in your efforts. Ask them for contact details and share their reviews.

Another way of engaging them is by encouraging them for subscriptions. This way, they will stay in the loop and you’d have made a loyal customer.

Let us know which of these methods worked the best for you and share your campaigns with us in the comments below.

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